Unable to import Flaui library in workspace


I couldn’t import Flaui library in workspace. Please help me on this.


That seems to be a problem of the obsolete RED editor.

As Helio mentioned, you are using RED. See; GitHub - nokia/RED: RED - Robot Editor

And it hasn’t been updated in four five years.

You can pick any editor that supports “Language Server Protocol” or use Helio’s RIDE to archive pretty much the same thing RED used to do and probably even more.

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Can I do the robot framework test in eclipse IDE? If yes please share the details.

You can use any text editor or IDE to write Test Suites, Test Cases, Keywords and Resource files.
You can execute Robot Framework from a command line/Terminal/Shell or from a functionality of your IDE.
Whatever is the tool you use to write or run, you must know how to interpret the eventual errors or warnings that it reports.

I use RIDE, as a tool in my actual work, and I am also the maintainer of this IDE (that exists since around 2008). RED was created based on RIDE, but the sponsor of these two IDE lost interest in them.

Please see the pages in https://robotframework.org

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