Specify a testsuite robot file to run along with __init__.robot

Hi all,

First I would like to say it’s great to find this forum and it already helped me a lot along with my test framework developer journey.

My question is, is it possible to specify one testsuite robot file to run with robot command, and also to include the init.robot to run first?

The situation is the QA members might use different testsuite files to contain test cases for different features, and the framework itself relies on the init.robot to prepare a set of variables for the whole test project. As a result, the QA might only run one feature testsuite at a time instead of execute all the testsuite files in that directory (which is the only way to run init). If they only execute robot command with that testsuite file, there are no suite-wide variables exists and the tests will fail.

Is there any common practice I’m missing? Any suggestions to improve the current design is welcomed, thanks!