__init__file and documentation

I have this _init.robot file and it works fine.

Now I need to add SUT version to report so that it would go to

SUITE Testcases


Can it be added there as I need to retrieve it from DB first?
What kind of variable / how to use it that it would be there?

Or what would be the best way to have SUT version on log file?


I think this is the way to go:
Set Suite Documentation ${testRunDetails}

Hi Pete,

I’ll suggest in your __init__.robot

  • add a *** Variables *** section and put a SUT variable in there with a nonsense value e.g. ${SUTName} NotSet
  • create a keyword that retrieves the SUT from the database and then sets the value with Set Global Variable
  • call this keyword as a Suite Setup

After that you should have it available in all your tests wherever you need it.


Hi Dave,

thank you for your answer!!

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