BeforeSuites and AfterSuites

Hello all,
I have multiple test suites files.
Is there any way to invoke a method before any testuite starts (Call only 1 time) and a method after all test suites done (call only 1 time).
Like: I want to print message “Test suite start” to inform that test case start running. and I want to print message “Test run complete”.
Thanks for advices.

Those are exactly the settings Suite Setup and Suite Teardown.
You can have then in a *** Settings *** section, for a multiple test cases .robot file, or in a __init__.robot file in the root of the test suite directory.

RIDE makes this management easy.

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does it means: I have to put Suite Setup and Suite Teardown in everyeach of testsuite file.
so If i have 10 testsuite file, i have to put 10 times.
But I only want to run only 1 time before any test suite run to notify “Test case start running”.
And only 1 time run after all test suite finished , “All test complete”.
I check in the listener file and to be able to run only 1 time before any test suite run, i can put the code in the init method. But how about run only 1 time after all test suites complete.? where i can put the code.? many thanks.

From robotframework perspective single .robot file could be a suite with own suite setup and teardown. Also whole directory could be suite of suites and this top suite could have own setup and teardown which should be specified in __init__.robot. Documentation for suite initialization could be found here.


oh, i got it. thanks