Sikuli Library throwing Error in RobotFramework

Hi…I tried to work on Sikuli in Robot framework, so i installed latest version of Sikuli Library available.
pip install robotframework-SikuliLibrary

Tried with 2.0.0 & 1.0.8 version

But when i tried to add Sikuli Library in red.xml, it throwing error.

Not able to use any Keyword in script. Please provide support to resolve this issue.


it throwing error
It would be good to see this error :slight_smile:

I could solve most of the Library issues in RED by right-click on the Library import statement within the .robot file and then “quick fix…”.
This adds the library path and the error has gone - try that.


Btw, my advise/personal opinion is to use the ImageHorizon Library for this.
The SikuliLibrary starts a Java-based Library server which has to translate the API calls.
ImageHorizon has a much smaller footprint because it directly uses the pyautogui Python module. Did several projects with it and never had problems.

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