After importing SikuliLibrary, still getting Keyword definition not found

I’m trying to use sikuli library in Robot framework, my IDE is Pycharm.
I have installed the Sikuli library and Intellibot #patched but still see that the Sikuli keywords are highlighted and not defined. Anyone can help me to resolve the issue?

@raiman any idea what could be wrong with my setup?

Hi Moji,

Syntax highlighting is done by IDE plugins in your case a Pycharm plugin, not the keyword library, so hopefully someone familiar with Pycharm can help you adjust it’s configuration to make the Sikuli library keywords show for you.

FYI - I’ve not seen raiman in this forum regularly.

Sorry I don’t use Pycharm, so I’m not that familiar with it, but hopefully this will help you find the answer,


Just a wild guess; sikuli probably is implemented as remote library and with java, pycharm and probably most of the LSP’s will try to inspect a local python library for auto-complete …

Hi Moji, I’m getting similar issues. Please let me know if you find a solution to this issue. I will let you know as well if I figure it out. Thanks.