New RobotFramework SikuliXLibrary available

Hi All,

I would like to propose a new RF library for SikuliX, based on any of the JPype or Py4J Java briges, by user choice.

As described on project page, on Windows and Linux it works with any of the bridges, while on MacOS it works only with Py4J, that’s why it was useful to be able to choose which bridge technology to use.

This approach is much faster than with the approaches from other libraries that are using Remote Server and Jython. The project also includes sample migration python libraries, that can be easily extended if one want to migrate from e.g. SikuliLibrary, or ImageHorizonLibrary to this one.


Why don’t you use this library? GitHub - shish/sikulpy: A reimplementation of the Sikuli API for CPython
No Java )
Or directly use OpenCV + some gui automation library instead of SikuliX

Thanks, but I think your proposed sikulpy library is not fully tested in all environments, it is mentioned to be only occasional tested on Windows where I am using SikuliX, and it does not provide full compatibility with the latest SikuliX features.

1.Clone this project, and execute maven package command. official website
2.One zip file will be created in target folder, could unzip this file and add to PYTHONPATH.
3.If want to installed to python, please execute. python install.