Set outputdir in vscode workspace


I want to specify my Report Directory in Workspace Json (Robot.code-workspace) file like the following:


    "folders": [


            "path": "test"



            "path": "librenode"



    "settings": {},

    "launch": {

    "version": "0.2.0",

    "configurations": [


            "type": "robotframework-lsp",

            "name": "Robot Framework: Launch template",

            "request": "launch",

            "cwd": "^\"\\${workspaceFolder}\"",

            "target": "^\"\\${file}\"",

            "terminal": "integrated",

            "env": {},

            "args": ["--outputdir C:/renode/renode_1_12_x/PLT2010V1_V3/test/07_Results"]





When I run the Test I get the following error message:

[ ERROR ] option --outputdir c:/renode/renode_1_12_x/plt2010v1_v3/test/07_results not recognized

Try --help for usage information.

Can anyone tell what is the reason?

Thank you

You need to set arguments as a list of arguments, so, the arguments should be something as:

"args": ["--outputdir", "C:/renode/renode_1_12_x/PLT2010V1_V3/test/07_Results"]

i.e.: notice that there are 2 strings there instead of one with 2 arguments…

Thanks, don’t know why I haven’t tried this… :sweat_smile: