Selenium Library importing issue in VScode

I am struggling with the below issues while working in VScode for
*** Settings ***
Library SeleniumLibrary

It shows me the below error…

Unresolved library: SeleniumLibrary.
Error generating libspec:
Importing library ‘c:\RobotFramework\RobotFWTutorial\Tests\Google\FunctionalTestSuite\SeleniumLibrary’ failed: ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘SeleniumLibrary’
Consider adding the needed paths to the “robot.pythonpath” setting
and calling the “Robot Framework: Clear caches and restart” action.robotframework

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just to be sure:
Pip is working correctly on your system and did not complain when you installed SeleniumLibrary with the following command?
pip install robotframework-seleniumlibrary

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It is resolved already.