SeleniumLibrary not found

I’ve just started with Robot Framework and writing the first test following a tutorial. Everything is installed yet the SeleniumLibrary can’t be found. Does anybody know what I’ve done wrong?

SeleniumLibrary is separate from Robotframework. You need to pip install it as well.

If you have done that, I suggest making sure you are using the right version of Python and pip. Some machines default to Python 2.7 and it might be installing the libraries there while your IDE is using Python 3.

Which IDE are you using? Is that RIDE? Are you certain that SeleniumLibrary is installed? It’s an extra installation from standard RobotFramework. Use the pip list command to verify it’s been installed.

I’m using Pycharm.
Selenium is definitely installed.

I have definitely installed SeleniumLibrary.

Yes, I have a feeling that Python is the problem although I have set the interpreter to use Python 3.8. How do I know which Python version is being used?

If you have more than one Python installed, you likely did a pip install. This will probably have installed it on a different version of Python. You’ll probably want to try pip3 install <library name> to get the libraries installed for the correct Python.

Definitely you installed Selenium. It occurs because of Pycharm packages installation and indexing. Try to write code of Selenium and run it. While writing it shows red lines for code, but also code runs successfully.

Any updates on this?
Have you managed to get past this issue?

Thank you.

Hi there. I originally also only installed selenium, and got the same errors when trying to use Robot.

After doing a bit more digging, I tried install the robotframework-selelium library, which is clearly different from just the normal selenium pip installation.

pip install --upgrade robotframework-seleniumlibrary or pip3 install --upgrade robotframework-seleniumlibrary


Sorry, just a technical detail:

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