Script Not Working on Another System

Hii, I’m new for Robot framework,
I have written a script for testing dynamic web application in Robot framework and which is properly run on my system.
But when i tried same script on another system it is failing.
So please guide me on the same

Hi Ashwini,

what is the error you get in the Robot Framework log when you run on the other system?

The most common reasons for issues like this are:

  • required libraries not installed
  • dependancies not installed
  • file paths are different on the other system

There could be other causes as well, but without seeing the error no-one can know what the problem might be.


Following error getting While running script on another system
Element Not Interactable

Hi Ashwini,

There could be a multitude of reasons for that error, the good news is it sound like the script is working in that the required libraries, dependancies, and file paths are all ok, just it can’t find the element on the page.

A couple of questions that will help lead us to the answer:

  • Which Library are you using? Browser Library? SeleniumLibrary? something else?
  • what is the screen resolution of your system and the other system?
  • have you tried making the script adjust the browser window so that they are the same size on both systems?
  • did you get a screen shot with that error? is the element you want to interact with in the screen shot?

You really need to give a lot more information about the issue if you want us to help, which is why my answers have been very generic in nature.