Suddenly elements un-interactable for IE issue

Yesterday I could run this, no problem:
Open Browser http://localhost/webapp Internet Explorer
Click Link css:a.btn-primary

I was running some robot tests through a command called by Jenkins and then locked my workstation. When I logged back in today, now it will still open the browser to the right URL but it won’t interact with any elements. None of the robot files changed since the last good run and the web application is local and nothing changed (it’s been redeployed but the same way it was when it was working before).

Here’s the error I get:
ElementNotInteractableException: Message: Element is not interactable, it must not be hidden and it must be able to receive focus

Here’s what I’ve tried so far:

  • Reinstall robotframework (pip uninstall, install)
  • Reinstall Internet Explorer
  • Add Sleep before click command (the page loads immediately, there wasn’t any rendering to be done)
  • use XPATH instead of css selector
  • isolate the issue by creating a test case that was only to click the link without any keywords, setup, etc. to deal with
  • restarting the workstation

The same test script works if I change it to use Chrome instead of IE, but I absolutely must be working with IE.

Any ideas on what I could try? The fact that it was so sudden - lock PC while running the test cases, unlock it a few hours later - confounds the issue.