RPA.Desktop OCR

I am trying to use the OCR feature from the RoboCorp RPA.Desktop Library.
I have installed “pip install rpaframework-recognition” however I am unclear how to install tesseract.

The documentation states -:
Advanced computer-vision features such as image template matching and OCR require an additional library called rpaframework-recognition.

The dependency can be either added separately or through additional extras with rpaframework[cv]. If installing recognition through pip instead of conda, the OCR feature also requires tesseract.

I have installed the 64 bit Windows version of Tesseract however I don’t think this is the answer. I have no experience of conda.

I am also have the Sikuli Library installed and standalone Sikuli as I believe they also use tesseract.

I would appreciate any help

Hi Alan,

I have not used the RoboCorp RPA.Desktop Library, so hopefully my answer is helpful :crossed_fingers:t2:

With Sikuli Library and standalone Sikuli, tesseract needs to be installed manually to use the OCR features, after installing tesseract you then need to configure Sikuli to know where the tesseract executable is, I’ve never done this on windows and only once many years ago with Sikuli on MacOS.

I would imagine that the 64 bit Windows version of Tesseract you installed is the part of answer, and that you now need to find where the tesseract executable (probably tesseract.exe?) is installed, note down the full path to that executable and then find out how to configure the RoboCorp RPA.Desktop Library with that full path to the tesseract executable.

As I mentioned, i’ve never done this, so hopefully i’m leading you in the right direction.


I have standalone Sikuli installed and I’m also using GitHub - rainmanwy/robotframework-SikuliLibrary: Sikuli Robot Framework Library provide keywords for Robot Framework to test UI through Sikuli. which is working for OCR. I’m in regular contact with the developer who has been very helpful.

I’m new to RF and it seems I’m using some keywords from one library and some from another. I would like to reduce the number of libraries I’m using as it can be very confusing.

Thanks very much for your reply