Robot Framework browser automatically shuts down

Hi There,

I work on automation with robotframework and recently the browser is shutting down on its own without even specifying close browser. is anyone else facing the same? any fix?

python 3.11.1
robotframework 6.0.1
robotframework-seleniumlibrary 6.0.0

Hi Surekha,

When is “the browser is shutting down on its own”? is it after the test finished or during the test?

Also which Library are you using? SeleniumLibrary, Browser Library, another Library?

Which browser are you using?

Can you show the logs from Robot Framework just before and at the time the browser shut down? There is likely a clue as to what is happening there in the logs.


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Hi Dave ,
This is happening in macbook air m1 version - 12.5.1 for me . In windows it is working as expected .
The browser is shutting down after the test run is successful .
I am using library - robotframework-seleniumlibrary
driver is - chromedriver version 109 and browser version is allo 109

below are the log image for you reference along with some more data .

Praveen Kumar

Hi Praveen,

There is no error there in your screenshot

Check your test case for Close All Browsers, Close Browser or Close Window, if you have one of those it could be expected the browser is closed at the end of the test?

This is quite an old thread so your issue might be different to the OP, it’s best you create your own thread, and provide details about what you are getting, what you expected, an example test that shows the issue (if you can’t post the real test) and logs (in text not screenshots, is best) showing any errors you are getting

Unfortunately you haven’t provided any useful information that would help anyone figure out your problem,


Hi Dave ,
Created a new thread “chrome browser is closing afgetr the test run in macbook air m1”
Please have a look and let me know if you need any extra details there itself .
Praveen Kumar