Chrome browser is closing afgetr the test run in macbook air m1

Hi All ,
I am using macbook air M1 and started writing the test script using pycharm IDE(2022.3.2).
The issue after the successful run the test is closing (I do not have added any close broswer or close all browser or anything )

Below is the sample .

*** Settings ***
Library    SeleniumLibrary
Documentation    A test suit to open the orange e-commerce platform and perform login

Resource        keywords.resource
Default Tags    amazonlogin
Library    SeleniumLibrary

*** Test Cases ***
Login to flipkart
    [Tags]    open flipkart site
    Open Browser    chrome
    Maximize Browser Window
    Wait Until Element Is Visible    //input[@name='username']
    Input Text     //input[@name='username']    admin
    Input Password    //input[@name='password']    admin123
    Click Button    //button[contains(@class,'login-button')]

Below is the log run
note - there is no error showing when I am running just the browser is closing -

[ WARN ] Imported resource file '/Users/praveenkumar/PycharmProjects/automation/TestScript/keywords.resource' is empty.
HomePage :: A test suit to open the amazon e-commerce platform and perform ...
Login to flipkart                                                     | PASS |
HomePage :: A test suit to open the amazon e-commerce platform and... | PASS |
1 test, 1 passed, 0 failed
Output:  /Users/praveenkumar/PycharmProjects/automation/results/output.xml
Log:     /Users/praveenkumar/PycharmProjects/automation/results/log.html
Report:  /Users/praveenkumar/PycharmProjects/automation/results/report.html

I am using robotframework-seleniumlibrary , python version -3.11.1

Let me know if any other details is required .
Praveen Kumar

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Which Selenium version are you using?

Please do:
pip list

Hi ,
I have done pip list and below are the library versions came .

async-generator 1.10
attrs 22.2.0
certifi 2022.12.7
h11 0.14.0
idna 3.4
outcome 1.2.0
pip 22.3.1
PySocks 1.7.1
robotframework 6.0.2
robotframework-pythonlibcore 4.1.0
robotframework-seleniumlibrary 6.0.0
selenium 4.8.0
setuptools 65.5.0
sniffio 1.3.0
sortedcontainers 2.4.0
trio 0.22.0
trio-websocket 0.9.2
urllib3 1.26.14
wsproto 1.2.0


Hello any update on this ?