My Test browser keeps closing after running, I want to keep it open

After upgrading few libraries, I noticed my test keeps closing browsers after running
I did not add any keywords or anything just upgraded few libraries and I am trying to identify which one is causing it

Any help is appreciated

below is list of my libraries

autoit 0.1
certifi 2023.7.22
Pillow 9.0.1
pip 21.2.4
pypiwin32 223
pywin32 303
robotframework 5.0.1
robotframework-pabot 0.84
robotframework-pythonlibcore 3.0.0
robotframework-selenium2library 3.0.0
robotframework-seleniumlibrary 6.1.0
robotremoteserver 1.1
selenium 4.9.1
setuptools 58.1.0
urllib3 1.26.9
xlrd 1.2.0

Check your Chrome/FF Driver version.
It should match with browser