RF Putting Dropdown In Wierd State Causing JSON Err

I want to verify a value appears in a dropdown on an Angular app:
As you can see below the dropdown is empty now when selected it should contain data.

When I test it manually it all works fine but there is a 1s-2s lag while it connects to SQLite DB which I’ve allowed for with sleeps and waits, its not even a lot of data but the data never appears. All other automation works fine.

There is 1 console error:
error: SyntaxError: Unexpected token < in JSON at position 0 at JSON.parse () at XMLHttpRequest.o (http://localhost:8080/main-abc.123.js:1:123

…but this does not occur when tested manually, so I can only assume RF is doing something.

All other status are ok

There are several questions and initial debugging probes I could suggest to get more information. I’ll start off with … If you run with loglevel set to TRACE does it provide any more information? What version of SeleniumLibrary, Selenium are you using and are you using something like AngularJS Library? Can you share the code around this select with the sleeps and waits showing?

Have you ever tried performing manual tests using clean browser profile? It might be something to try because you mention manual testing works but with automation it doesn’t AND it shows a console error only with automation. Selenium and WebDrivers by default start each time with a clean profile unlike many of our local machines which we test with a long history of cookies, data, etc. So if you start with a clean profile this is very close to how automation see the browser and can sometime unveil problems.

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RF was actually doing what it should. Was a data issue :crazy_face: how many times have I had this, I should know by now RF is always right