Elemento não encontrado (dropdown)

Elemento dropdown não sendo encontrado pois não foi definido no código um .
Sendo assim, quando utilizo a keyword “Select from list by label/index/value” o elemento não é encontrado. Alguém saberia informar se tem uma outra forma ou ferramenta ??

@gil.terras Imagine if Pekka Klark created Robot Framework, only in Finnish and not in English. We would have really no use of it.
The messages in this Forum should be in English. Even if you are not an expert on it, you can try to translate wit some online tool.

This is your question translated:

Dropdown element not being found because it was not defined in code one. Therefore, when I use the keyword “Select from list by label/index/value” the element is not found. Would anyone know if it has another form or tool?

My answer:
Depends on how you have your list. If it is an HTML element like, <ol> or <ul> then you can use the Select from list keywords. If not you need to compute the correct locator with other keywords.

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Thanks my friend for your report. As for the question, the element I need to identify would be a list in a dropdown but it is being identified that way and not recognized in the RF:


Hi @gil.terras ,

Can you share a html snippet of your list and the selector your trying to use so we can try to figure out what the problem might be?


Hi Damies,
I’m starting in the QA area and I chose the RF tool to work in the company’s test automation, the element identified was this:


There is no list defined with Select.

Hi @gil.terras

Something that is becoming quite common is using <div>'s to simulate html form elements, in your case here a combobox is being simulated because html doesn’t actually have a combobox.

A combobox being something that is a combination of an option list and a text field, you can open it to select an item like an option list, but you can also type into it to filter the list of items to select from

So in this case because of the way it’s been constructed and because it’s not a standard html form field type, you are going to need to do the following:

  • click the combo box to open it (you may need to click the open down arrow on the right of the combo box to open it otherwise you might be clicking into the text input part of the combobox
  • find the list item you want
  • click the item

you may also need to click the text input part of the combobox and type something to filter the list and find the item you want.

You might be able to take a shortcut and just enter the value you want into the combobox text input field but it’s up to you/your team whether that is valid for your test case?

If there are many of these comboboxes in your application you might want to create a keyword for handling them, you could use one or several of of these keyword names as a suggestion for the keyword(s) you create:

  • Select from combobox by label
  • Select from combobox by index
  • Select from combobox by value


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