Dropdown selection does not remain

Hello, I am new to RF and could really use your help.

When I manually select an item from this dropdown and refresh the page, the one I selected is displayed, as it should be. However, when I run my automation and select one of them, it does not.
It is unclear to my why it works when I manually click the selection with the mouse but it does not when I use Click Element.

Here is my code:

Wait Until Element Is Visible id=entry-point-dropdown
Click Element id=entry-point-dropdown
Select From List by Value id=entry-point-dropdown Dashboard
Click Element xpath=//option[contains(text(),‘Dashboard’)]



Did you try this one?

Select from list by value {element} {value that you want to select}

not sure if this is works.

Hi weh2017,

Thank you for your reply.

Yes, that is what is in my code example above:
Select From List By Value id=entry-point-dropdown Dashboard


Sorry I’ve mistakenly posted my reply. something missing in my previous post. See below.

Select From List By Value {locator} {the_value_that_you_want_to_select}

When you notice my code above, I’ve created 2 arguments; 1st the locator and the 2nd is the value that you want to select from the dropdown list. Not sure if your code needs the 2nd argument.

Hello weh2017,

Yes, I also have two arguments in my code. “Dashboard” is the second argument. :wink:

Could you define what do you do when you “refresh the page” in robot framework ?

I logout and then login again. I can also simply click on the browser’s Reload this Page button.