Recommendations for automating a Java SWT/RCP Desktop Application

Hi Robot Framework Community,
I recently realized that automating Desktop Applications is … complicated.

In one of my projects, we shall automate a java swt desktop application. And I haven’t found a good solution yet for choosing a library.
I was wondering if anybody has some first hand experience?
The libraries I checked so far are:

  • Zoomba library
  • RPA framework
  • Sikuli
    Each has their benefits and limitations.

I also saw the eclipselibrary, but it seems like it’s no longer maintained? At least I didn’t fully understand how to get it running.

My biggest concern with the other libraries is the execution speed. We have some experience with automating Java Swing Desktop Applications and they run very fast with the Swing Library. With zoomba, RPA and Sikuli - kind of slow and not easy to implement in a reliable way.

So - do you have any recommendations what to try?
Thanks a lot!