What tool I can use to map objects in a java application desktop?

I need to create some automated tests for a java desktop application with Robot Framework and for that I’m using the remoteswinglibrary, with that I managed created a login script that worked, but now I’m unable to map the application components, someone know what tool I could use to do that?

Ive had 100% exact experience like that. Login screen, no problems, everything behind that, nothing worked. Issues i had:

  1. SUT was using 3rd party components that where not inhering or correctly implementing swing base classes.
  2. None of the gui introspection tools i tried and found to inspect the SUT (besides the login screen) to find suitable selectors - couldnt. Could be related to 1. but didnt have time to debug this.
  3. Swinglibrary (and thus, also remoteswing) relies on netbean’s Jetty. It looked like that at the time (this was about 2 years ago), didnt handle accessing ui components inside certain type of container components correctly. Changes to support that looked like somewhat minimal to implement but last time i wrote java, 1.2 SE was the bees knees …

Project i did then was essentially just a proof of concept. My suggestion then was: If you need to make this automation work, use Sikuli or some other sort of image recognition based automation. And then i noped out from the project.

Sorry, cant help you more…