Can't scroll in native iOS application on real device

I’m using Robot Framework with Appium Library ( for test scripts for native iOS application on Real Device (iOS 10.3).

When using the keywords scroll, scroll down, scroll up with the appropriate element locators, or swipe and swipe by percent , I’m getting the error when executing the script:

WebDriverException: Message: Unhandled endpoint: /session/[SESSION ID]/execute – http://[IP]:8100/ with parameters { wildcards = ( “session/[SESSION ID]/execute” ); }

Appium version: 1.8.1
Robotframework 3.2.2
Python 2.7

I suspect that the versions you are using are too old. Specially the iOS of the real device. You should try using the same test setup but with a newer iOS, possibly with the Simulator.

Good luck.