ProgrammingError: no results to fetch

Hello guys! how is it going?
I’m facing another problem using Robot Framework. I’m trying to insert data into a database. To be more specific, using postgres with the PostgreSQLDB Library in a remote server. When I try to do the insert, it keeps returning the error: ProgrammingError: no results to fetch. I don’t know how to proced from this point on. I searched and tried some solutions I found on the internet but nothing has really helped. Could anyone pls help me?

Hi Rafael,

I’ve not used that library and it appears it’s not been updated in about 5 years, based on github and pypi, so maybe it doesn’t work with your version of PostgreSQL?

I did notice it uses psycopg2 though, so that might not be the issue, I really don’t know.

If you don’t get a better answer then perhaps try Database Library which I know a lot of Robot Framework users use and also should work with PostgreSQL

hope that’s helpful,


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Hello Dave!
Thanks a lot for your help. I have changed the library and it is working fine now! :+1:

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