Invalid website link for Database Library (Python)

Please consider the link for Database Library (Python) on the Robot Framework webpage below:

I have notified the project author:

FYI you can find the information about this project here:

And the documentation here:

These sort of issues could be very easy to fix by first time contributes to the project. See:

GitHub - robotframework/ Robot Framework ecosystem from page is the repo for the website …

And someone has filed a bug report: Broken Link for Database Library (Python) · Issue #207 · robotframework/ · GitHub

And exact line that needs to be changed: at d369890f4a76df5417c50d5fe973786cdc079750 · robotframework/ · GitHub


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Given the link to the same page is broken on the github page I suspect that original link was the main page of the project and for some reason it’s down, i’d suggest before changing it on the robot framework’s libraries page, give the author of databaselibrary to sort out the main page for his project.

True. I wasn’t familiar with this 'though.

I would agree with the removal of my post, if that’s possible.