Database connect is not establishing

I am robot framework in pycharm. I want to connect to db(mysql) and perform different operations like delete.
I am using below code but getting couple of errors;

*** Settings ***
Library    DatabaseLibrary
Library    OperatingSystem
Library    Collections

*** Variables ***
${DB_DRIVER}     org.hsqldb.jdbcDriver
${DB_URL}        jdbc:hsqldb:mem:qadb
${DB_USER}       test
${DB_Port}       8888
${DB_Name}      qadb
${DB_API_MODULE_NAME}       mysql-connector-python
*** Keywords ***
Database Testing
    Connect To Database    dbapiModuleName=${DB_API_MODULE_NAME}   dbName=${DB_Name}   dbUsername=${DB_USER}    dbPassword=${DB_PASSWORD}     dbHost=${DB_HOST}    dbPort=${DB_PORT}
*** Test Cases ***
    Run  Database Testing
    ${result} =    Query    SELECT * FROM your_table
    Log Many    ${result}

1. ModuleNotFoundError: No module named ‘mysql-connector-python’
2. ValueError: No database connection is open.

I have already installed mysql-connector-python.
Please suggest, Thanks!