org.netbeans.jemmy.TimeoutExpiredException: Wait for "someName"subcomponent to be displayed

Hi All,

I am new to robot framework. I am using robotframework-swinglibrary.
After launching my application I am getting error:

org.netbeans.jemmy.TimeoutExpiredException: Wait for “Employee Name” subcomponent to be displayed

Kindly assist in resolving this issue., I have even added Set Jemmy Timeout TimeoutExpiredException 10 in my robot file but still getting the same error.

Thanks for support in advance.

swinglibrary uses Jemmy package from netbeans. See:

Things that can cause timeout:

  1. Your “selector” doesnt match any components visible in the screen. Check your selector.
  2. Your “selector” does match a component but that component is not visible. Check the app with tool like swing explorer or what ever works. Or increase timeout
  3. Your “selector” does match a component but that component is within some container that that hides it. Check if using Select Window, Select Dialog or Select Context keywords help.
  4. Component that is shown is not supported by Jemmy. Your SUT may be using AWT or 3rd party gui components that do not adhere standard swing component architecture. Worth mentioning is that at least 2 years ago, Jemmy did not support all swing components out of the box and would have required implementing few things …

These in mind, Do read jemmy wiki: and expect pain and suffering to get things working - it won’t be easy path.

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