Handling loaders in mobile app with RobotFramework

Hello community.

I’m haviing a problema to handle a loader in a mobile app while it wait for some requests to the backend.

I’m trying to use the keywords “Selenium2Library” through the methods “Wait Until Element Is Visible” and “Wait Until Element Is Not Visible”, but it’s not working. I tried to set a minimal sleep with 1, 2 seconds before these waits but it didn’t worked too.

I would like to get some help but I don’t know which’s better place to search for it help.

Hi Rodrigo,

First step is don’t use Selenium2Library, use SeleniumLibrary. (Selenium2Library is old and being phased out)

After updating to SeleniumLibrary if you are still having an issue can you show us some example lines from your robot file that you are experiencing the issue with, this will help us figure out what’s happening.

The other thing you can try is increasing the timeout on the “Wait Until Element Is Visible” and “Wait Until Element Is Not Visible” keywords, I would suggest you start with 60 seconds, but also do the steps manually and see how long it takes if it takes around 60 sec, then increase the timeout to 300 sec or even 600 sec, these functions will return as soon as the element provides a true condition and not wait the whole timeout time unless they fail.


Hi @damies13.

I’ll switch to SeleniumLibrary.
My waits are already with 60 seconds and it’s enough for worst performance on my actual environment.
I’ll update since I still facing same issue.

Thanks for tips.