New Maintainer for SeleniumLibrary

Hiya everybody. First, let me share a message that Tatu (@aaltat) posted yesterday to robotframework-users mailing list:


I am happy to announce that SeleniumLibrary has a new maitainer: Jani Mikkonen. Next release, whenever that will happen, will be done by Jani and I am not anymore in charge of the SeleniumLibrary. I am not going away from the community, but I have too many other projects to maintain that I do not have enough time focus on SeleniumLibrary maintenance. Although I am still now and then visiting SeleniumLibrary because the enhancements in Robot Framework 4 argument conversion did reveal some bugs in SeleniumLibrary type hints.

If you have questions to me, you can reach me in the Slack public channels or you can post reply in this mail.


And here’s my brief introduction:

Hello Everybody!

Few months ago, on open-space meeting Tatu said that he will be stepping down as maintainer of SeleniumLibrary.
Since I’ve been working on and off for past years on Robot Framework and Selenium based projects
(webdrivermanager & SeleniumTestability) and pitching ideas for Tatu, I thought to volunteer to pick it up.

Here’s little things about me: My name is Jani Mikkonen and some people know me by my moniker rasjani. I’m 40 something software developer mainly working on build & test automation. I do frequent on Robot Framework forums and Stackoverflow to help out people with their Python & Robot Framework questions. I’ve worked for and with Ismo Aro and other people who contribute to the community.

I cannot promise huge pace in pushing new changes into SL mainly due to lack of historical knowledge of what has gone into SeleniumLibrary but working with SeleniumTestability has provided me at least a decent knowledge of the codebase and in any case, Tatu and rest of the crew isn’t going nowhere :slight_smile: