SeleniumLibrary 4.4.0 final was released on Wednesday April 29, 2020

SeleniumLibrary supports Python 2.7 and 3.6+, Selenium 3.141.0+ and Robot Framework 3.1.2+. This is, again, last release which contains new development for Python 2.7 and users should migrate to Python 3. New release offers better supporting for Robot Framework 3.2 and the enhancement in the dynamic library API. There are also other enhancement and fixes in the release.

Many thanks who have contributed in making the release possible:

Small error in ‘Get Cookie’ keyword documentation
Many thanks to Ryan Mori for fixing the bug in the Get Cookie keyword documentation.

"Wait Until Location Is" error message reads "Location did not is in "
Many thanks to testventure for fixing wait until location is error message.

Wait Until Page Contains add option Limit
Many thanks to Marcin Koperski for adding limit argument to Wait Until Page Does Not Contain Element and Wait Until Page Contains Element keywords.

For full detail see the release notes and and milestone. The enhancements based on the dynamic library API is based on PythonLibCore. If you are PythonLibCore user it, please consider upgrading to PythonLibCore 2, it offers more complete support for dynamic library API.

Python 2.7 hotfix support (if the issue is seen important enough, all fixes are not automatically back ported to SeleniumLibrary 4.4) is offered until end of 2020 and for 4.4 release. Please note that Python 2 end of life is at end of April 2020 and I sure hope that this time the date is not changed by Python core development team. Also this release drops support for Python 3.5 and this is very likely the least release supporting Python 2.7. All new development moves to Python 3 world, so f-string and typing hits will finally arrive and I can delete code from the repository.

If you encounter problems, please reach me in Slack, mailing list or in SeleniumLibrary issue tracker.

SeleniumLibrary lead developer :lonkero: