Concerning the latest Selenium Release [SeleniumLibrary]

*** Selenium Users *** With the release yesterday of Selenium 4 you might experience some effects related to that change. We believe SeleniumLibrary versions 4.4.0 and greater are compatible with Selenium 4.0.0+. The recommendation is that you upgrade to the latest - SeleniumLibrary 5.1.3 given adequate resources.

If you experience a recent change, past day or two, and after some due diligence are unsure of the reasons feel free to ping me @Ed Manlove over in the Robot Framework Slack - the best place/way to get my immediate attention. Generally I recommend people ask the community in a Forum topic or Slack channel and not directly to one of the core developers. But given the possibilities that there is a bug or issue related to the Selenium 4 release we want to help resolve those issues as soon as possible.