Announcing SeleniumLibrary version 6.0.0

:robot: Announcing SeleniumLibrary version 6.0.0

The SeleniumLibrary version 6.0.0 has been published. The major changes include requiring Selenium version 4.x+. If you have pip installed, just run

pip install --upgrade robotframework-seleniumlibrary

to install the latest available release or use

pip install robotframework-seleniumlibrary==6.0.0

to install exactly this version. Alternatively you can download the source distribution from PyPI and install it manually. A full list of enhancements and bug fixes may be found in the release notes. If there are any issues feel free to ping me, @Ed Manlove within the #seleniumlibrary channel over in Slack.

In addition we are asking you, the community, what new Selenium 4 features do you want prioritized into future SeleniumLibrary releases. To gather input we have published a survey which you can find at We will leave the survey open till 1 Feb. Thank you and have a good day all!