New look & feel?

Earlier today I was referencing my cached version of the Selenium library keyword reference. Same old (hard to look at) look and feel as all the other reference pages. Then I closed my browser and went to lunch. When I came back, and opened up the Selenium KW ref page I was shocked to see a new look and feel!

Am I dreaming? Have I been hacked?


What you see is true and correct. The new keyword documentation is based on the upcoming Robot Framework 4.0 libdoc changes. Because new libdoc looks so good and @mkorpela would get feedback about the changes, we did generate already now the SeleniunLibrary 5.0 pre-release with the new RF 4.0 development version. Glad that you like it, any other feedback?


Too early to make a final decision, but it looks a lot cleaner, and I like the fact that the KWs are all there on the left, and the search button (which only searches the KWs, not the whole page) could be a Killer Feature. I cannot tell you how many times I have searched “frame” on the old page, with about 500 irrelevant hits, because - well, you know, Robot Framework.


Thanks for this Jeff. Really made my day.

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hi @mkorpela, can I use libdoc to generate my custom library doc with a new style?
In RF 3.2.2, I used libdoc to generate my custom library but its is still displayed with old-style :frowning:

@anhphong1110, it seems that the libodoc change was committed after the 3.2.2 release which is why you would still have the old style.

The new libdoc format is now available in the 4.0 alpha 1 release.

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