Message: 'MicrosoftWebDriver.exe' executable needs to be in PATH

I can’t seem to correct this error. What am I doing wrong?

WebDriverException: Message: ‘MicrosoftWebDriver.exe’ executable needs to be in PATH. Please download from

My drivers are located in my C:/bin

My environment variables for PATH are accurate:

So you downloaded MicrosoftWebDriver.exe and placed it in one of those directories?

Test if it is OK, by starting a command window (cmd) and enter:
MicrosoftWebDriver --help

Yes that is correct. I have all of them in my bin folder:

This is what the cmd gives me :

So you are trying to run the wrong file. It must be the MicrosoftWebDriver.exe for the new Edge based on Chrome.

Download the correct file!

I’m failing to find where this .exe can be downloaded? In fact, I’m reading it’s “now built into the OS, this means that the standalone download won’t be available on future stable versions of Windows.”

I followed this document([Installing WebDriver as a Feature on Demand in Windows Redstone 5]) which helped and now the Edge browser opens but can never pass through a URL so my tests fail with this new error:

WebDriverException: Message: Unknown error

From the link you provided, a document from 2018 is probably outdated.

My search got this site to download Edge driver: Microsoft Edge Driver - Microsoft Edge Developer

Confirm the version of your Edge, because they must match (the same like for other browsers/webdrivers).

And the executable is named “msedgedriver”.

Yes that site is where I found the same driver that is shown in the second screenshot I sent in this dialogue and my Edge Version and Driver Version(downloaded form that site) match up as seen below:

If i’m understanding the document from 2018 correctly, the Microsoft WebDriver is now built into the OS as an on-demand feature that can be added to other locations, presumably in the system PATH.

So, looks like you have the correct setup.

Create a small test to go to a known site and it should work.

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Yes I’ve done that but now I’m getting the:

WebDriverException: Message: Unknown error

The Edge browser open which is great but it can’t seem to pass through the URL I want to hit.