Msedgedriver - Could not reach host. Are you offline?


I’m trying to launch a URL in Edge using msedgedriver. It works perfectly on my dev machine, but when I run it on an Azure agent, it fails to launch and throws an error. I’ve downloaded the webdriver in Azure agent and added it in PATH manually but I’m getting the same error still.

Any help on this is much appreciated, thank you!

My Code:
Open Available Browser ${URL} browser_selection=edge

|Documentation:|Attempts to open a browser on the user’s device from a set of supported browsers. Automatically downloads a corresponding webdriver if none is already installed.

21:34:49.467 INFO Attempted combinations:

Browser Download Error

edge False Message: Webdriver executable ‘msedgedriver’ is not in PATH (with disabled Selenium Manager)
edge True Could not reach host. Are you offline?

21:34:49.467 FAIL BrowserNotFoundError: Failed to start a browser: - edge: Could not reach host. Are you offline?