Issue with inputting text in a text box

I am facing issue with typing text using an Input Text Method in text box. when I run my robot script it is taking focus to the middle or last line of the text box. When I use Set Focus to Element method it set focus to the 1st character. Has any one face this, kindly suggest me how to over come this issue.

set focus to element  ${INPUT_POSTAL_CODE}    ------ Set focus to start of element

input text  ${INPUT_POSTAL_CODE}  ${UserData.PostalCode}  -----  Set focus to middle/end of element


I have been using ID for locator.


Is it a regular element? Or is it some kind of content-editable element? I recently had to deal with a content-editable box and had a similar issue where the cursor would be in the middle. I had to add a press of the home or end key to make sure I was in the right spot.