Web Application Test Script

Hiii,I’m New for Robot Framework,We have to use robot framework for web Application testing .So We Write Script for the same ,We are using selenium Library .
I want enter value into 2 input textbox but problem is both input text box is in same table row ().Because of that Only 1st input box is field ,and then getting error for Text box(ElementNotInteractableException: Message: element not interactable
Please Check Attached Screenshot


Hi @Ashwini.Mali

Could you provide the html? A snippet would help to understand the best advise here, however:

The exception thrown in your log could mean a couple of things:
→ Element has not properly rendered
→ Element has been rendered but it is not in the visible part of the screen

In the first instance setting a sleep would be the easiest way of confirming if it’s a timing thing

Sleep 10

But you’ll want to take a look at the wait until keywords In the supporting documentation, for example:

  • [Wait Until Element Is Visible]
  • [Wait Until Page Contains]

Also, I’ve noticed your locators look to be the absolute path, this will cause you issues as if there is any change in attributes beginning from the root to the element, the absolute path will become invalid, you’d be best using a relative path.