Unable to clear text within a textbox

There is a text box where multiple lines are written and I have to clear that text but I am not able to do that since the tag for that element is not an input tag. I also tried pressing keys like ctrl+A followed by ctrl+X …so ctrl+A is working but ctrl+ X is not working so I am not able to clear that text.
Can anyone please help.


At least, tell us what Library you are using.
Is it a web site? A desktop application?
(I guess is not a mobile phone app, because of Ctrl-X :smiley: )

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@Urvashi Is this a textarea element?

@Urvashi In most cases CONTROL+A followed by a BACK_SPACE will do the trick.

@falcon030 I tried this but still its not working…

press keys locator CTRL+A BACKSPACE works

@Urvashi Great to hear that it works!

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