Insert Into database does PASS but no new info is inserted

Hello, hope everyone had a great new year start, i have the next situation:

i’m trying to save data into a sqlite database, to doing it, i’m using the next command:

Query INSERT INTO Workitems (rut_emp, year, month, filename, process_date) VALUES (‘${rut_prefix}’,${year_report},${month_report},‘${file_route}’,‘${ok_file_time}’);

the values came from a regex over a file, and later transferred into a work-item json, and that part works like charm, but in the batabase, while i get the pass over the execution, there’s no new row on the sqlite file

i have read over a similar situation on Stack Overflow, and there recommends using Execute SQL String, but as far as i can tell over the library, that’s a deprecated keyword, and there’s other option: Execute sql script, but i’m not sure if i use that option will take the saved values from the regex

Maybe is missing the COMMIT in the end? I think that there is an option to have autocommits, but long time I don’t use the library.

tried with commit, but the result it’s the same, and with autocommit, shows an error related to sqlite

Well, I did not know that SQL Lite driver would not accept that option.

I suggest you add explicitly the COMMIT command after the INSERT.

But I notice you wrote Query in:

If it is an INSERT then you must not use the Query.