Passing arguments to sql?

I’m trying to use “OracleDB.Execute Sql Script” from the OracleDB library and I would like to pass an argument to the script that is being executed in the file. This will make future changes much easier to perform. I have a sql file with a script similar to: “select * from table where name=?”. The ? being the variable I want to enter. I have also tried using := and (IN table.column) The ROBOT program has this.

*** Variables ***
${sql file path}

*** Test Case ***
Test Name in Table
   ${result}=    OracleDB.Execute Sql String    ${sql file path}   ${name}

. The Error I keep receiving is this. DatabaseError: ORA-01036: illegal variable name/number.
Does anybody have any advice how to achieve this?

As far as did understand the code of OracleDB Library, Execute Sql String is not able to run a *.sql file but executes a command.

Like in this example:

@{query}=    Execute Sql String    select sysdate, sysdate+:d from dual    d=1

Params are dictionaries and the keys are the parameter that are replaced in the sql statement.
So :d is replaced by the value of the dictionary {'d': '1'}

So i would try to put the statement directly there.

(i think that this paricular example is a bit wrong, but its from library documentation. It would result in select sysdate, sysdate+'1' from dual because d=1 is not a number 1 but the string ‘1’ and the code of the library automatically puts single quotes around strings)

I simply copy-pasted the Statement, but it is not able to take bind variable as an input
Giving error:
12:24:44.509 INFO Executing : Execute SQL String | select sysdate, sysdate+:d from dual
12:24:44.837 FAIL DatabaseError: ORA-01008: not all variables bound

Thank you, my Issue was I was calling a sql file and unable to pass the sql with in that file. Instead I made a resource page with the sql scripts and doing that I was able to easily assign values to a variable and pass them to other scripts. I did find that with the OracleDB library it does not like the wild card operator %. For those scripts I used the DataBase Library and it handled those just fine. I did find a couple of sql keywords like spool and echo that it did not like. Other than those I’ve been able to do ok with it.