update using the PostgreSQL DB library

Good afternoon, I’m connecting with my bank I can make selects without a problem but when I try to do an update

Execute Sql String update dataload.motivo_movto set id=60 where codigo=-6

Documentation: Execute PL/PGSQL string. For parametrized SQL queries please consider psycopg2 guide on the subject: http://initd.org/psycopg/docs/usage.html#passing-parameters-to-sql-queries
Start / End / Elapsed: 20210511 10:26:24.577 / 20210511 10:26:24.577 / 00:00:00.000

10:26:24.577 FAIL Keyword ‘PostgreSQLDB.Execute Sql String’ expected 1 non-named argument, got 0.

someone would help me, with the return of this last line

On a first glance it looks OK.
Can you paste here an image of that step from your IDE? I am suspecting of spaces.

Also, you can try to run with --loglevel TRACE to get more info.

I will see the return of --loglevel but follow the print

I tried to run with all possible space configurations and I couldn’t

I say that there are too many spaces.

Use only 2 or 4 spaces.