How to telnet multiple step to DUT?

I can’t telnet directly to DUT.

Step to login DUT as following.
1 telnet to jump-host IP A then.
2. telnet from jump-host A to DUT IP B.

How robot setup connection base on above requirement?

SSHLibrary has that feature covered, but Telnet is not much in use these days, and I doubt someone will improve RF code for it.

If you have Python skills (or know someone who can help you), you can look at SSHLibrary code and adapt to RF Telnet library.

Great advantage of Open Source Software!!!

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Hi Jumpol,

I’ve not tried this but I’d expect it would work as

  1. Connect to the jump host as normal with Telent Library
  2. script the second telnet to DUT by sending the command line telnet <DUT IP B> with telnet keywords to jump host’s telnet session and then use the telnet keywords to wait for the login prompt and so on until you’re logged in to DUT.

You’ll probably want to wrap the keyword sequence for connecting to and disconnecting from DUT B into custom keywords with variables so that you can re-use them for DUT C, DUT D, etc

Like Helio (@HelioGuilherme66 ) I’m a little surprised your organisation is shipping (New?) devices that have a telnet server these days given the fact that telnet exposes passwords in plain text on the network. But if these are legacy devices that’s another matter, Obviously we don;t know the scope of your testing.

Telnet Library probably won’t see any maintenance as it’s a protocol that hardly any one uses now for the reason I mentioned.

Hope this was helpful,