Robot Framework Telnet Library does not open Terminal

I’m using the Telnet Library of the Robot Framework to establish a remote connection, but I need the terminal to be opened, but despite having set terminal_emulator=true and window_size=400x100 the RF does not open the terminal when I run the test. There is no error, the test passes, but the terminal is not open. Would anyone have an idea of what it could be?

This is what I’m doing:

*** Settings ***
Library     Telnet    terminal_emulation=True   window_size=400x100

*** Variable ***
${Host}   ...
${Port}   ...

*** Test Cases ***
Telnet Connection
  Open Connection    ${Host}  port=${Port}
  Login  <username>  <password>  login_prompt=Username: _________  password_prompt=Password: _________
  Close All Connections

Hi Joseilton,

It appears from the documentation for terminal_emulation (linked here) that it needs to be used in conjunction with terminal_type, however these options don’t do what you seem to be expecting, they control the type of terminal emulation being used for the connection i.e. VT100, 3270 etc

Also from looking at the documentation there doesn’t appear to be an option for showing the terminal as the test is running, there is however an option to set the default_log_level, then you can at least see the text that was displayed to the terminal in the test log. The default default debug level is INFO, so you could try increasing the logging level to TRACE or DEBUG.

Hope that helps,


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Thank you very much Dave!

I’ll work without the terminal. The log meets my expectations. :wink: