Not able to connect to SFTP server with RF-SSHLibrary

Please help me on the below issue.

not able to connect to SFTP server with RF-SSHLibrary.

  1. using command prompt , i am able to login with below command
    sftp -o port=12000 -c aes256-cbc

  2. using python also , i am able to connect and send/receive files .

ssh = paramiko.SSHClient()
ssh.connect(‘’, 12000, ‘xxx’, ‘xxx’)
sftp = ssh.open_sftp()

3 but with robot framework , i am not able to connect.

*** Test Cases ***
Open Connec
Open Connection port=12000

Enter Credentials
Login username=xxx password=xxx

iam getting below error .

SSH OAG :: Robot Framework test script

Open Connec | PASS |

Enter Credentials | FAIL |
SSHException: Channel closed.

Unless some newer version of SSHLibrary allows, it is known that SFTP connections is not possible. Only SSH is.

Of course this may have changed and been allowed. When I used that library, the SSH protocol was the only possible for the connection, even if transferring files would use SFTP.