How to read contents of .db file?

Hi all,

I have a .db file in my desktop and would like to read the contents with .robot script. Would you please give me a hint how to achieve this?


Hi Toda,

Well first you need to find out what the source of the .db file is, e.g. where did it come from what format is it in.

some examples of what it could be:

  • sqlite
  • Paradox
  • XTreeGold
  • dbvista
  • Oracle
  • XoftSpySE
  • Windows thumbnail cache
  • dBASE IV - dBFast
  • some other proprietary format
  • a text file someone gave a .db extension to

Most of these formats are binary so will be difficult to read without the right driver.

Once you know what the file format should be then I can offer some suggestions to what the next step could be but until then there are just too many possibilities and choosing the wrong one could corupt the data in that file.