Reading input test data from external DB

Dear Experts ,

Could you kindly help me to get some pointers regarding. - How to read input data for a test case from a DB .
My scenario is like the following .
We have a copy of production DB . This is for Payments . Now we need to take a major part of this data as test data and test the software .
Could you please provide pointers about how to do this .


Hi Mahesh,

There are several options, it all depends on what you want/need/have access to do. Here are some common approaches (not a comprehensive list):

  1. Extract through the front end - many applications have the ability to search the database based on a criteria, the resulting list is usually presented as a table or list that can be exported/printed to Excel or CSV or similar. you can simply use this file as your data source.
  2. One of the libraries listed on the Robot Framework Libraries page is Database Library (Python) this will let you query the database directly
  3. Use a SQL client and directly query the databse, and export to a file