Getting blob data from oracle db with RPA.Database

Hello everyone,
İ am newbie to robot. i wrote query with robot for oracledb. For a data kept as BLOB in oracle, I get the following output to the console. ‘DATA_BYTE’: <cx_Oracle.LOB object at 0x000001FF5B445CE0>. Is there a way to pull this data as a string with the robot?

Hi @FurkanColmabey,

Not being a regular Oracle user I had to search how to do this, but you’ll probably need to adjust your query to cast the blob to a string (i.e. get Oracle to do the conversion from blob to text).

I found this that seems do give an example of what you need, but I don;t know enough about Oracle to know if it’s correct:

FYI - My google search was “oracle cast blob to string”, this was the first result.

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Thanks @damies13,
Changing the query like this seems to work for me. SELECT DBMS_LOB.SUBSTR(Field Name) From EXAMPLE_TABLE.

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