How to make coloful word in log.html

hi: i want make some information hilight in robot log.html. i use print fucntion in pycharm such as print(f"\033[1;34m test ok:\033[0m") i could see the word have blue color .but i use this in robotframework case and see the log.html show
\033[1;34m test ok:033[0m have no clolor ,who know how to let log.html word have color

Hi Davie,

I’m pretty sure there was a similar question asked in the google forum (I couldn’t find it quickly) about putting html tags or css into the test results and i’m pretty sure the answer was that it wasn’t possible by design.

Another option that might help you, all the data is actually in the output.xml file so you could write your own XSLT to display the results however you like.

Hope that helps,