How to highlight with color of failed robot test case in Jira using x-ray plugin

in the below i written code and i am intentionally failed one test case . my requirement is that failed test case result need to highlight with color in Jira like to shows where exactly test case is failed . can any one please help me to do that.
Example code:
*** Settings ***
Documentation Tests for checking Numbers. Jira-ID: XYZ
Library OperatingSystem

*** Test Cases ***
Addition Test
[XRAY] TestKey=AHZL-8151
Given I have two real numbers 50 51
And I add the numbers
Then the result should be correct
And the sum should be positive
And the sum should not exceed 100 # intentionally fails the test case

*** Keywords ***
I have two real numbers
[Documentation] This keyword sets up two real numbers for addition
[Arguments] ${num1}= ${num2}=
Set Test Variable ${number1} ${num1}
Set Test Variable ${number2} ${num2}

I add the numbers
[Documentation] This keyword adds the two numbers
${result} Evaluate ${number1} + ${number2}
Set Test Variable ${sum} ${result}

The result should be correct
[Documentation] This keyword verifies the result is correct
Should Be Equal As Numbers ${sum} 101

The sum should be positive
[Documentation] This keyword checks if the sum is positive
Should Be True ${sum} > 0

The sum should not exceed 100
[Documentation] This keyword checks if the sum does not exceed 100
Should Be True ${sum} <= 100

in jira output of failed test case showing normal. in jira that failed test case need to be highlighted with color that is my requirement. in the below image at 5th place