Log level only shows info level

Hi Everyone,
How I can use 3 levels of loggers in robot framework .
Error , warning , info . As of now by default it’s showing in the report info level. How I can pass error and warning level in the report also.

Details here I have created an excel with custom report printing with help of openpyxl
and in robot framework try catch block to capture in exception thrown on execution level and keyword level ,even i’m getting xpath programmatically with parent child div relation on types of element in python and there even i’m using to capture any fail using try catch block.
However I want the feature of error color coding in report like custom msg passing using error level or warning level. How to achieve that. I’m not using suite setup and tear down. My framework based on data driven approach which all testdatas read from excel execute on system and print the result in report.html.and a custom report with status pass fail .
like 10 sets of diff test datas ten times it’ll run in loop which does n’t use suite setup or teardown or datadriver.
Any help in this regard I would be grateful to you all.
Many Thanks.