How to make keyword colorful in log.html without expanding keyword

While I tried to check log.html, there are so many keywords listed, it always took much time to find keywords which I wanted to check more.
I’m just thinking if it is feasible to make those keywords colorful as highlight so that it may save much time to locate specific keyword.
I tried to use ‘Log’ keyword to print message with color in HTML format, but it has to expand ‘Log’ keyword to find color text, that’s not what I want.
Can someone share the way which is matching my requirement ?

Colorizing the standard rf report, probably not that straight forward way …

But you could try to use --removekeywords and/or --flattenkeywords arguments for robot itself to just remove the stuff you do not need leaving you the only keywords that you find interesting …

Or, make your own listener or use 3rd party listeners that will generate a report that has details you need/want.